Best evening out ever, with Alresford Pigs

The Alresford Pigs have regularly hired the town Minibus and offered members of the Giles Group a couple of evening outings in the Summer. Usually the objective is a scenic drive then a visit to a country or seaside pub.

This was the case for another trip on 21 June this year, but Jeanne Nicholls reports that this outing was the best ever, in her opinion. Jeanne reports as follows:

“Just to let you know we had a beautiful scenic drive last night with the Alresford Pigs, on the town Minibus.  We were a full bus, except for two of the Giles members who forgot about the trip.  I shall have to tell people at the meetings that they must be more thoughtful and remember when they book, as there were a couple of other members who would have liked to come.

We went via Tichborne village, Cheriton, Beauworth through the back lanes along the road from The Millburys pub with lovely views across Hampshire, up Winchester Hill to Clanfield, up Butser Hill – to see more outstanding views- and down a very steep and narrow lane to East Meon to a very lively pub, where there was a ‘drop in choir’: they meet casually each month for a sing song.  It was a bit noisy to start with as in addition to the vocals the locals were playing billiards and the football was on the TV.  We managed to get a drink – or two – and snacks, before we left for home.  All thoroughly enjoyed a very pleasant evening and would like to thank the Pigs for their hard work.

All the time we weren’t less than half an hour from home in Alresford, and the weather was kind to us and it was a beautiful sunny evening (!) Unfortunately not many of us managed to get out for a walk, because of the joys of old age!”

Butser Hill to East Meon
View from Butser Hill towards East Meon

Jeanne would like to thank the Pigs on behalf of the bus load of older generation passengers! The bus was driven by Andrew Wilcox and Rob Sanders, members of the Alresford Pigs, and Andrew has given a bit more information about the route:

“We collected the passengers at about 6pm from a full list, except for the two who had forgotten and chose to stay at home to eat their tea. They enjoyed the views from Kilmeston Down, Old Winchester Hill and Butser Hill.  The Izaak Walton pub in East Meon, normally very quiet, had a pool tournament, football on the TV, and a pop-up choir!  The passengers all got home by 10pm after a complete trip of 47 miles. There was some of the best feedback ever from the passengers, who appreciated the trip round the local sights.”

As ever, Andrew also has a unique map of his drive:


Plus he didn’t mention a slight brush up against a tree branch against the Minibus, but he reckons all the dirt and marks will clean off with no damage underneath!


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