How we were…back when?

In the earlier days of the Giles Group history – for after all it has been going for nearly 30 years – there was a Group photo taken by Brian Champion, in the Community Centre lower hall, showing the Group of members one Summer, assembled for their “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”.

The sober photo shows a group of very respectable elderly citizens:

Can you recognise anyone?

On the back row, starting from the left, we have identified the following:

Liz Lawrence – Unknown – Mary Keer – Unknown – Brian Purkiss – Unknown – Geoff Sayer – Unknown – Tessa Purkiss

Then in the front row, starting again from the left:

Mr Lawrence – Unknown – Molly Cook – Maureen Proudfoot – Fabia Wrigley – Unknown – Monica Dore.

Then approximately across the middle row mainly of ladies we have:

Unknown – Gladys Ashe – Unknown – Unknown – Joan Ogilvie – Peter Middleton – Unknown – Nan McNamara

After the formal photo there was another, dressed for the Mad Hatter’s tea party:

Same people, different hats.

When was this picture taken? It was a long time ago, the Community Centre walls were papered, and had no tapestry or pictures on there. So probably pre-2000? If anyone can tell us when, or add names, please do!

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