The Giles AGM covering 2020 and 2021.

The Chairman, Patrick Hartley, opened the meeting, held on 10 January 2022. Approximately 21 members of the Giles Group were in attendance. He reported:

“This AGM covers the last two years, although we did manage a financial summary report covering the 18 months to July 2021. There were a couple of meetings in the early part of 2020, then maybe 4 meetings in Autumn 2021: we are keen to start these up again in the coming year.

Equally the Tuesday coffee mornings were reinstated in Autumn 2021, but have shown very low attendance as the weather got worse. The Tesco surplus bread distribution ceased during the pandemic, and has not restarted.

Total membership currently stands at 41 – similar to two years ago: but 10 of the names on our list of members are from Wayfarer Place, so have typically joined recently. Several members have left the Group, through ill health, or moving into retirement homes away from Alresford: in particular the committee would like to mention Jeanne Nicholls, who has moved to Belford House, and did for many years organize the Giles Minibus pickups and outings very successfully.

With low activity also the expenditure of funds has also reduced. During the first year Clive expressed his wish to step down as Treasurer – unfortunately he cannot be with us today as he is isolating after testing positive for Covid at New Year. As reported last July our Nationwide account was closed, and only after help from Dave Adam were we able to create a new account at Lloyds Bank. The committee decided to co-opt and appoint Dave as the new Treasurer, and he will present the accounts.”


Dave Adam presented the accounts summary for the last two years. This basically showed the only major expenditure had been the hire costs for the Community Centre facilities, for both the meetings and the coffee mornings: these had totalled £234 over the period, meaning our bank account balance with Lloyds is currently £1888.54 (as at 10/01/2022). It was also pointed out that the new bank account, opened in November 2021, is in the name of “The Alresford Giles Association”, rather than the Giles Group.  The Giles Committee were very grateful for the £100 passed to the Group by Brenda Lowe, one of our members, in her Will, which was a kind thought, early in 2021. In view of the healthy bank balance, Dave suggested that we waive the membership fee for 2022, which was agreed by the meeting.

Secretary’s report

Nick Denbow mentioned that there were copies of the minutes of the previous AGM, held in February 2020, on the desks, and asked for a vote to accept these. This was proposed by Audrey Chalk, seconded by Rosemary Johnson, and passed by the meeting.

For the future, a schedule of the meetings planned for the next six months has been established, and cards were issued with the dates listed. Also a membership list was circulated. The list of planned meetings and the AGM minutes will be published on the website.

The discussion was opened up to talk about future suggested activities. With the current low attendance at the Tuesday coffee mornings, caused both by Covid and the poor weather, it was agreed coffee mornings would be suspended for January and February, to save the room hire costs. Equally there will be no outing in January. It was suggested that we should plan a trip to the Lasham garden centre shop.

For talks in the latter part of the year, topics suggested were (1) a talk from the Trading Standards people about scams etc, (2) a talk from a school teacher about current school activities, (3) a classical guitar presentation (4) Famous people met on aeroplanes – by Clive, (5) the activities and help available from the Alresford Pigs.

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