About Us

The Alresford Giles Group was originally set up to give information, support and a meeting place to the members of the community around Alresford (in Hampshire) who were disabled in any way, plus their carers. The role has changed over the last 30 years, and our members now also include those who are infirm, with limited mobility, or otherwise isolated – they are typically pensioners seeking to meet others who are similar. The group has monthly meetings with a talk and a raffle (as well as tea and cakes), a monthly minibus trip, and weekly coffee mornings for all members – plus any other interested people.

The Phair Hall and Community Centre
The Phair Hall and Community Centre

The monthly meetings, in the Alresford Community Centre, allow an interface between members, a forum to discuss help and aids that can be useful, plus an invited speaker who gives a 45 minute talk on a subject that could be of interest. The speakers and topics scheduled for the year are shown on the listing on this website, and in the noticeboard outside the Community Centre. Meetings are held every second Monday of the month, from 2pm to 3.45pm, and include tea and a raffle.

For those members who might have difficulty reaching the Community Centre, the town Minibus is used to collect and return people from their homes, for a minimal charge, this year £2, which goes to the Town Trustees’ Minibus Fund.

On the third Monday in the month the town Minibus is used once again to take those members who want an afternoon outing to a local garden centre, or shopping centre, or to the coast in the Summer. Typical charge for this afternoon trip is £4, for the bus hire.

Every Tuesday the Community Centre is opened for a free coffee, tea or hot chocolate (donated by Galaxy Hot Chocolate), for members – but also for anyone else wanting to talk to us – between 1030 and 1200. This acts as a drop-in centre for anyone seeking help or advice over disability issues, and we try to point them in the right direction. During Covid this activity was suspended, and it should resume in Summer 2022.

Membership of the Giles Group currently costs £17 per annum, and there are around 40 current members. There is no age limit: younger members are very welcome, but it is fair to say most of the active members are OAPs. The Group finances have benefited in the past from various benefactors, and we have also been lucky enough to get funding from local Solicitors wishing to distribute funds to a charity. Recent years have seen generous support from the New Alresford Town Council, and from the Alresford Pigs Association. Our bank account is under the name of “The Alresford Giles Association”.

For further information please comment on one of the stories on this website, contact the Secretary, Nick Denbow, on 734824, or email to secretary@gilesgroup.org.uk

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