The Giles Group AGM 2016

Minutes of the AGM held on 8th February 2016 in the Community Centre


Approx 24 members (apologies received from Olive Gillespie, Ann Bravery, Jean Parr, Peter Middleton)

The meeting was opened by Lin Parker and the 2014 AGM minutes were read out in summary by Nick Denbow. These minutes were proposed for acceptance by Tessa Purkiss, seconded by Audrey Chalk, and voted as approved.

Chairman’s Report:

Lin Parker made the report from the Chair, as last August Brian Purkiss had decided to stand down, and Lin as Deputy Chair took over the responsibility of that position. Lin presented a thankyou card to Brian for his years of service on the committee and as Chairman, but was pleased that he would still be a member of the Giles committee. Another regret was that various members were no longer fit enough to attend, such as Irene Elliott, Nelly Shaw and Gladys Ashe, and others have moved away or passed on, such as Les Holder and others,

Treasurer’s Report:

Clive Earthy made his report as Treasurer, after thanks to Jackie Earthy for typing and printing the accounts, and to Jenny Hayes for checking them.

giles accounts 2016The income last year (2015/16) was compared to the previous year on the sheet provided: membership fees were much as before, but donations at £179 were well down on last year (£510), which itself was a sharp decline from £1294 the previous year. The Raffles income increased significantly, to £117. All Social Services and HCC or similar funding has disappeared. So total income was £638, (compared to £927 previously).

Cost totals year to year were similar, at £1152 last year, reigned in a bit compared to the £1300 the year before. Clive concluded that with £617 in the Bank, the group financial projection was short of that required for the year: and he suggested that the membership fee should be increased for 2016/17.

In conclusion, Clive proposed that the Annual membership fee should be increased to £15 per member. The potential known Giles Membership list as at February 2016 showed 39 names, so the additional fee would probably bring in an extra £175 in the year, and would be a significant help going forwards. Clive proposed this increase, Nick Denbow seconded it, and the vote was almost unanimous to approve the change.

The Treasurer’s statement and report for 2015/16 was proposed as accepted by Nick Denbow, seconded by Betty Tring, and agreed in a vote by the meeting.

Chairman’s Summary:

Lin Parker said that the speakers and events in the year had been well attended and of interest. She also thanked Diann, Nan and Gina for their constant and varied supply of teas and cakes. A similar good line-up of speakers had been scheduled for the coming year, as listed on the 2016/17 membership card (these were summarised later by Nick when showing the reports on the Giles website).

The Giles committee proposed for 2016 was basically unchanged from the 2015 committee. This new Committee was proposed by Audrey Chalk, seconded by Jean Bax, and accepted by the meeting.

Giles Committee for 2016

Lin Parker (Chair), Brian Purkiss (Deputy Chair), Clive Earthy (Treasurer), Nick Denbow (Secretary), Una Yeates (Publicity), Jeanne Nicholls (Outings), Diann Adam and Nan McNamara (Coffee mornings), Olive Gillespie.